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red garage studio | The Sketchbook Show

  • Red Garage Studio 3640 Garfield Av S Minneapolis, MN (map)

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7 at 7:00-10:00pm

How do artists observe and reflect on their inner and outer world and how does it nourish and feed the creative process? The sketchbook is a basic tool of the trade for most artists, but the form it takes is unique to each. For some it is a work of art itself, for others it is a series of lists, a way to process thoughts and emotions, or a pile of scrap papers and napkins with jottings of sudden ideas and inspirations. In all cases, it is a method of casual exploration that nourishes and feeds the creative process, either directly or indirectly.

Thirty artists, working in all different types of media and at all stages in their career, are now willing to share this process with you.

Lamia Abukhadra, Rachel Bruya, Chris Cinque, Sean Connaughty, Pete Driessen, Kyle Fokken, Toni Gallo, Frank Gaard, Mary Gibney, Martin Gonzales, Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger,  Lindsy Halleckson, Christopher E. Harrison, Jeremy Jones, Mari Mansfield, Joshua McGarvey, Olivia Novotny, Britt Omann, alex m. petersen, Hillary Price, Nancy Robinson, Nina Martine Robinson, Jenny Schmid, Jennifer A. Schultz, John Schuerman, Maria Cristina Tavera, Molly Uravitch, Derek Van Gieson, Joshua Wilichowski, Jacob Yeates

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