This is not a New Year's resolution

This isn't exactly a New Year's resolution, but I'm sure that I'm one of millions of people resolving in one way or another to start a blog, write more, or in some way express creativity more freely. Who knows, maybe you're also one of those people, too. Even though the first entry of this blog nearly aligns with the start of the year, it just happens that this is the perfect time for me to start sharing what I learn.

I am not one of those people who can read a book and put those lessons to immediate use. I am an experimenter. I learn through doing. Though I try my best to plan for the future, I feel most confident simply diving in. Not to say that I don't feel fear in the unknown, but I love to venture into new projects, find solutions in uncommon ways, and use my hands and body to learn about new ways of doing things.

I'm an artist -- mainly a painter, and I use my work almost like scientific inquiry. My explores ideas that most often have a social significance. Some themes have included the relation of sound to color, role of camouflage, and reconnecting with the self through solitude. I am mainly interested in art as a way to create social change, thoughtful dialog, and social connection, and I believe that art is a basic need for humans to make meaningful connections through shared culture. I see this an extension of what I put on the canvas, a new vocabulary that expands upon the breadth of meaning created within those airy, contemplative surfaces.

Lately I have been thinking about the role of expectations, importance of mindfulness, and difference between simplicity and ease. This blog will be a place for thoughts about those things and more. And although this blog is not a New Year's resolution, I am resolving to be more mindful, give back to my community of artists, and listen to the incredible people that surround me. Thank you for being a part of this journey.