Life lessons from Physics

Originally posted May 29, 2017

Our reality is tears and laughter, gratitude and altruism, loyalty and betrayal, the past that haunts us and serenity. Our reality is made up of our societies, of the emotion inspired by music, of the rich intertwined networks of the common knowledge that we have constructed together. All of this is part of the self-same “nature” that we are describing. We are an integral part of nature; we are nature, in one of its innumerable and infinitely variable expressions. This is what we have learned from our ever-increasing knowledge of the things of this world.

”That which makes us specifically human does not signify our separation from nature; it is part of that self-same nature. It’s a form that nature has taken here on our planet, in the infinite play of its combinations, through reciprocal influencing and exchanging of correlations and information among its parts.
— Carlo Rovelli - Seven Brief Lessons on Physics