Chasing sunsets

Originally published July 30, 2017

I've been studying up in order to catch tonight's sunset. I learned that tonight in Minneapolis, it will set at 8:41pm at 297 degrees Northwest. 

I know of this hidden little 'bench' off of the beaten path in one of the parks where I hike frequently. It's actually just a couple of logs put together on the side of a deer trail. But, it sits on a ridge that overlooks the northwest, so I'm going to go sit and watch the sun go down. Sounds relaxing, right? 


Post hike: Well, it turns out that this bench will make a great spot to catch a winter sunset, not a sunset in July. It faces too far south and is much more overgrown than it was earlier this spring the last time I visited. So, unfortunately, I missed the best part of tonight's sky. At least I caught a sweet look at the moon, though. 

I started a log to record the direction of potential viewing spots so that I'll know what times of the year will be ideal to watch the start or end of the day.