Chasing sunsets

Originally published July 30, 2017

I've been studying up in order to catch tonight's sunset. I learned that tonight in Minneapolis, it will set at 8:41pm at 297 degrees Northwest. 

I know of this hidden little 'bench' off of the beaten path in one of the parks where I hike frequently. It's actually just a couple of logs put together on the side of a deer trail. But, it sits on a ridge that overlooks the northwest, so I'm going to go sit and watch the sun go down. Sounds relaxing, right? 


Post hike: Well, it turns out that this bench will make a great spot to catch a winter sunset, not a sunset in July. It faces too far south and is much more overgrown than it was earlier this spring the last time I visited. So, unfortunately, I missed the best part of tonight's sky. At least I caught a sweet look at the moon, though. 

I started a log to record the direction of potential viewing spots so that I'll know what times of the year will be ideal to watch the start or end of the day.

The Arctic Circle

Originally published April 12, 2017

I can't contain my excitement any longer- I'm so happy to have the opportunity to say that I will be a part of an expedition to the Arctic in 2018. More details to come in the next couple of months!

Image: The Farm, Inc.

Image: The Farm, Inc.

Atmosphere and Advocacy

Originally published November 11, 2016


Jumping into research for an upcoming project on climate change and atmosphere. I may not be able to understand everything that's in this book, but I hope to at least learn some basics to share with the rest of the world. I can't imagine a more important time in our history for environmental advocacy, and I plan to fight like hell... through my art.

Has this week brought out the fighter or advocate in you? If so, how will you act on those impulses?