Taking time to look

Originally published October 1, 2017

I thought I was so badass yesterday on my hike. The miles were flying by, and I felt like I was keeping a good pace. I'm trying to get in shape for some epic hikes in the Arctic next year. But, clearly, the best things only happen when we're paying attention. 

On one of the trails closest to the water, I almost stepped on a baby snapping turtle because I was trying to fly through this walk as quickly as possible. So, of course, I stopped and checked out these new little friends - I saw at least four of them on the grassy path, some still with their egg tooth.

I realized as I watched them climbing over the grass that I so easily have my blinders on to things in the world around me. I stopped and watched them for a while and slowed my pace. The way back seemed almost magical. The setting sun, deer jumping from the path, a band of coyotes yelping. What else do we see when we take the time to look?